Bihar assistant professor Lalan Kumar returned his salary

An assistant professor of Nitisheswar College, in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur, has returned nearly Rs 24 lakh — his total earnings since joining the job in September 2019 — as no student turned up for a single class in these 33 months, and his “conscience did not allow” him to pocket the salary without teaching.

Lalan Kumar, 33 years gave a cheque of Rs 23,82,228 to the registrar of BR Ambedkar Bihar University (BRABU) on Tuesday. The college is under the aegis of BRABU, a state university.
“My conscience does not allow me to take a salary without teaching,” Kumar told the media on Wednesday. “Even during online classes (during the pandemic), there were only a handful of students present for Hindi classes. If I take a salary without teaching for five years, it would be academic death for me.”

Source : India Today

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