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Nambon.com  is a regional multilingual progressive web portal to bridge the Zeliangrong community information gap which divided politically and geographically in the tri-junction of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland in North-East India.  

Motto:  “Bridging Community Information Gap”  

Complexity of Zeliangrong history, unity and diversity:  The word Zeliangrong came with ZE from Zeme tribe, LIANG from Liangmai tribe and RONG from Rongmei tribe. Some said that present Zeliangrong descended from a person named Nguibo (/Nguibou). Later his three sons, Namgang, Rengbangbo and Kading, became the fathers of Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei which is called Zeliangrong. Their dialects have evolved on the account of living separately for generations.  

Core Feature

  • Community network connecting villages, towns, sub-divisions, district head quarters and in the valleys;
  • Preserve, promote and protect culture, identity, language, history, land and natural resources;
  • Internet Freedom, fosters freedom of expression, promotes digital literacy & technology;
  • Digital presence, awareness, impact and stop fake news & information;
  • Medium of change through continuous input from all walks of life.

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