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It was so excited and amazed how internet connect everyone globally and instantly we can talk and chat!. That was how this website initially started to say good bye to GeoCities, mIRC, Yahoo! Messenger specially the chatRoom and geocities page! Not forgetting Orkut, the only popular social platform ahead of Hi5 or FaceBook. (online for Two Decades…) Logo
L o g o domain registered on 13th June 2003 with a vision to connect and bridge community information gap residing in three different states, namely Assam, Manipur and Nagaland.

Project Summary

We are happy to introduce you to our Brandable Domain Name for your business/ organization. We spent long hours searching unique and memorable web address for you. We believed that the Domain Name registered by us shall represent a new brand name in the market as your successful new venture. We have taken this project to offer you a very low investment to easily start/ switch your new business brand.

We started this project on demand as we came across many who unable to find service to meet their specific needs. We offer a wide range of web development, including personal blog, custom web, content management, Non-Profit including faith-base and profit organizations. Our Service starts from scratch to the extent of service maintenance depending on clients needs and requirement. 

Pawan Racham was started for online and local print news for surrounding Tamei village in Liangmai – dialect. Initiated by late Mr. Abing Newme, Mr. Albert Njuta along with their colleague supported by Tamei surrounding villages and Tamei CSC (NIC) in the year 2003 hosted by

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