Longwa village both in India and Myanmar

NAGALAND Longwa, a remote village in north-eastern part of Nagaland falls both in India and Myanmar, and its residents enjoy a special relationship with both countries. In all there are 500 families and 7,000 residents in this village.

Located in Mon district of Nagaland, the house of Angh, as the hereditary chief of this largest village in district is known, is worth visiting as the international border of the two countries runs through his kitchen. You eat in one country and sleep in another!

What is interesting is that unlike other borders where there is strict control on movement, residents of this village are allowed to move freely in both the countries.

There are two rivers flowing in the Indian side, Tegi and Tapi, while two are in Myanmar, Tejak and Shumnyu.

The Angh village is one of seven in the district and controls many other villages, some of which are in India and others in the neighbouring country. What makes this place unique is the fact that the residents across the border share customs

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