Beautiful Baskets (Khang)

Hello Everyone I am Keyi Putlang
I met this young man name Hiarang yesterday. He hails from Heiranglwa village at Peren District.

He was going to a nearby village on his bike. I stopped him and asked him where he was going to my curiosity I also asked him if he was going to sell those beautiful Baskets(Khang) he was carrying he said yes and I thought to myself.
It’s a local product so it must be very costly. But on the 2nd thought I inquired how much does it cost to my surprise he said it cost Rs 250 and 350 respectively.
I was shocked and so I asked him You made this? He said yes…during this lockdown I have been making this It was such a surprising sight to see this young man with such a talent.

There and then me and my uncle we bought all the baskets and also told him if he ever makes again kindly inform us so that we can buy again.
This lockdown has made us very productive.
Let’s make the best use of our precious time.
We should always Motivates such young talents/ Motivational talents.

Usage of this basket. Motivation # talents # youth # Nagaland # northeast # india

Story’by Dimapur24x7 officials
@ Peren district

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