Kuzholuzo Azo Nienu as Leader of NPF Legislature Party

Naga People’s Front elects Kuzholuzo Azo Nienu as Leader of NPF Legislature Party and Dr. Nganshi K Ao as party Chief Whip.

AIR NEWS KOHIMA, 30th APRIL, 2022: Naga People’s Front (NPF) has unanimously elected MLA Kuzholuzo Azo Nienu as the Leader of NPF Legislature Party while, MLA Dr. Nganshi K Ao as the party Chief Whip. This was announced by the NPF President Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu during a press conference held at his residence in Kohima today. Terming the four MLAs as the Heroes of the party, the NPF President said, the party is happy for these four MLAs and said, the going away of the 21 MLAs may be a shocked to many but for them it came earlier as expected.

Asserting that it was not a surprised for the party, he said the party is not discouraged, rather, with the four strong MLAs the party will revamped and reactivate its activities to face the coming elections. Liezietsu said the Party is of the view that the government of the day should give back the two post held by the defected members which belong to the NPF party. He said, the four NPF MLAs will continue to remain as part of the UDA government solely due to political reasons. He said whatever changes may be taking place in the political parties, the party will not change.

Liezietsu said, the party Organization is intact however it cannot rule out that the supporters of these 21 leaders may also resign. The NPF President said the 21 MLAs have join the other party on their own and called it not a merger but a clear defection. Liezietsu said the party will take its next course by properly examining the situation first, saying it is difficult for the party to talk about whether to take the defectors if they want to come back. The Party President said that it has the support of the people and it will back stronger.

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