Objection of 2 lane Peren-Dimapur road

Zeliangrong Baudi, Zeme Council Nagaland object the width reduction of 2 lane Peren-Dimapur road

Nagaland Express
Peren, January 15 (NEx)
: The Zeliangrong Baudi Nagaland (ZBN) and Zeme Council Nagaland (ZCN) in a letter to the Commissioner of Nagaland on January 15th, 2021, objected on the reduction of road width of the 2 lane Peren-Dimapur road construction from 18-20 mtrs to 12/14 mtrs, which will serve as an alternative Highway to Manipur leading to Myanmar.

The Presidents of ZBN and ZCN said that the Ministry of Road & Transport and Highways, GoI had accorded sanction as per DPR for construction of NH-129A 2 lane road from Peren to Dimapur. They also said that tendering process for the said 2 lane road has been completed and work order issued for construction.

The organisations said, under such locus, there is no reason why the status of the road should be changed at this point of time. No landowner had refused to part land for construction of the road measuring 18-20 mtrs width and therefore reducing the same to 12/14 mtrs is unacceptable at any cost, it said.

Mentioning that the letter of the DC Peren dated January 13th is self explainatory, the organizations said that the ADC Peren along with some public leaders of Peren town had taken the unilateral decision to recommend for reducing the specification of the 2 lane road for their self vested interest. The same was forwarded to the commissioner, Nagaland without consulting the stakeholders which has not only deprived the compensation rights of several landowners but also deprived the public from having their long cherished 2 lane road.

Instead of compromising the specification of the road, the ZBN & ZCN said that following the guidelines, the district administration and NHIDCL should pay damage compensation to deserving people. If any landowner demand beyond the entitlement, it is the responsibility of the district administration to negotiate the rate of compensation as per the guidelines, it added.

The organizations emphasized that the construction of the NH-129A in Peren district must be taken up according to the specification in the DPR and that in the event of failure to address the grievances raised, the public of Peren district will be left with no other option but to take appropriate course of action as deemed fit.

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