Inauguration of Daily Marketing Sheds at Jalukie

Jalukie, 30th March 2022: Inauguration of Daily Marketing Sheds Constructed under 14th FC Basic Grant at Jalukie yesterday. Much gratitude to the Advisor UD&MA Dr. Nicky Kire for gracing the occasion and extending all the help possible for completion of the shed. This will greatly help the local vegetable vendors and also ease the traffic and congestion in the main town area. I express my gratitude to all the people who sincerely worked and achieved this without much delay.

Urban Local Bodies (ULB)

Our State Nagaland, has been fortunate thus far for being allocated funds under the 14th FC as we have committed to the Ministry in 2016 to conduct the ULB Election by implementing Article 243T (33% Women Reservation) and prayed that Our State be included for Basic Grant as we need funds to develop our towns. Unfortunately, in 2017 when the ULB election was conducted, vested interest came into play and the State literally burnt. Even some section of Women enthusiastically protested against 33% Reservation for Women of the State.

Nonetheless, let the past stay in the past and we should look forward to new and better future. Now with the 15th Finance Commission, Central Ministry has made it amply clear that for us to get any funds, ULBs should be in place. Though some funds for 2021-22 has been received, it will be a difficult task to convince for release of 2022-23 share without active ULB. So the present day government has decided to hold the election with 33% Women Reservation and we should support and successfully conduct elections so that we can further develop our towns.

The World is changing with each day, people are getting more sophisticated and modern. We should also do the same and update ourselves with better and fresh thoughts rather than sticking to the sort of philosophy which has be ingrained in our heads and minds decades ago. Our Women are holding guns and serving the people, our women are Chairing meetings and taking decisions, these were unthinkable and considered a taboo in the past. We recently sent a Woman to the Rajya Sabha to represent our State. So why can’t we let women represent in the Urban Local Bodies and give them the opportunity and platform to serve the masses?

Let us ponder on this and take a conscious decision regardless of what some so called leaders say on the matter. We cannot be left behind while the rest marches on, just because a few are ignorantly arrogant and adamant. Let those towns willing to implement 33% women reservation go ahead and receive the funds for development and those still opposing, risk losing the little that they get now. The proverbial ball is in our court.

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