Naga Flag and Constitution invokes pride and hope of the Naga people

Since 1947 the Naga National Council (NNC) under the leadership of Angami Zapu Phizo, declared Naga country as Independent state on August 14, 1947. The NNC resolved to establish a “Sovereign Naga State” and conducted a ‘Referendum’ in 1951, in which 99.9 percent supported an ‘Independent’ Nagaland.

75 years ago the Naga People declared Independence, proclaiming in one voice that we are free to determine our own destiny and carry out the work of Self-governance. Throughout our history the Naga flag has steadfastly served as an emblem of the Naga Nation. Naga people should pledge our allegiance to the banner that has served as a guiding symbol on our Naga Nation journey. The Naga flag and Constitution persists as a powerful representation of freedom and opportunity with hands over heart’s. Nagas of all background and beliefs have long saluted and honored it’s legacy. Let us call on each other to remember our obligation to the Naga Nation for which it stands and carry forward the unwavering optimism that defines us. Naga Nation endures because of the courage of our forefathers and the present Naga National workers who laid their life for the cause of the Naga people. Wherever the Naga flag rise and flies, it’s message is clear, we rise and fall together, as one Nation and one people because the Naga flag and Constitution invokes pride and hope of the Naga people in search of brighter tomorrow for the younger generation, as it has embodied our ideals and sustained our Nation.

NSCN affirmed with No talk without Naga Flag and Constitution adopt resolution at at the emergency meeting is highly appreciated and acknowledged by the Lotha Public Organization (LPO) and Lothas in general because without these two issue, the Naga political movement for self-determination will be Inchorent. At this crucial time, every Naga house must hoist the Naga National flag at this critical period of Naga political history. The Naga need to create common ground and conducive environment where Naga from every walks of lives across the borders land came and play together with acceptance and unison voice to live as one family one people one Nation will definitely bring Naga more closer and understanding towards rebuilding and salvation of our Naga Nation.

Pandora’s box

Considering the pulse of the people in Nagaland the criticism on Naga political settlement should stop within our own families. Rather it would be better to serve ultimatum to Prime Minister of India and Home minister to seek clarification on the agreement between the NSCN and GoI through a negotiated agreed from both side that, The talk shall be without any condition from both side, The talk shall be at the highest level (PM level) and the talk shall be in the third countries (outside India). The question is that, whether GoI is adhering to this agreement? Did the GoI invited the NSCN leaders to engaged the talk at the Prime minister level as per the negotiated settlement agreement with the NSCN to bring Indo-Naga Political settlement. Dealing the Indo-Naga political issue in the level of interlocutor it will certainly be another “Pandora’s box”.

The Naga flag can’t be reduced to cultural symbol of identity, because the Naga struggle is political. Naga flag is our National identity and life for which more than three lakhs of Naga people have laid down their precious lives in defense of our people rights. Without flag it is tantamount to be called an another betrayal accord of the modern civilization. The Naga movement is not about cultural things, GoI shouldn’t play around with the Naga people as the Naga issue is a political negotiations, not a cultural negotiations.

The 3rd Naga Consultative Meeting

Naga people should not forget THE 3RD NAGA CONSULTATIVE MEETING held on May 6.10.2002 wherein the declaration was pronounced by seventy three (73) Naga delegates at Bangkok, Thailand to strengthen the peace strategy and solemnly declared to fully support the ongoing political negotiations between the GoI and the NSCN and endorsed the NAGA HOHO, the CHURCH and Mass- based organization to continue their leadership of the ongoing peace process and make a Clarion call to all Nagas to come forward to support and participate in the peace process so that the Indo-Naga political problem may be solved. As a matter of fact the Naga solution lies with the Nagas but not with the Indian. Collective Naga people’s voice is supreme and Nagas need to continue voicing out their rights ( historical, political and God’s given rights). The Naga rights for recognition of our flag and Constitution for protection of Naga rights, cultural practices, identity is imperative if we want an honourable and acceptable solution the solution must be based on the Framework agreement (FA) as stated clearly “Sharing the sovereign power and provide for an enduring inclusive new relationship of peaceful coexistence of the two entities”. Ostensibly if the GoI cling on these Framework Agreement both the side will explore a lasting peace and established in the field of security point of view as two entities.

The he Naga struggle should not end with the mercy of GoI, Naga leaders who do not understand about the Naga situation and reality of Naga freedom struggle and yet speak as if they were the master. They barked as if they were the Indian authorities. When the outsider can give a bold statement on Naga political issue Assam chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said quote ” Naga issue is a complex one best be left to GoI and NSCN-IM others must refrain from commenting “unquote and another statement supporting the Naga political cause popularly known as Paresh Baruah, ULFA chief stated that ” The Situation will deteriorate if the center delayed inking a peace agreement with the influential Naga group NSCN-IM “. When the outsider extended their full support towards the Naga political settlement what has happened to our Naga by blood people? Those powerful statement given by outsider in support of the Naga political issue should have been done by the Naga people.But unfortunately resorting every now and then in against of the Naga Political rights and self- determination, how can we achieved our God’s given freedom? If the Naga people don’t stop the anti Naga political climate the history will repeat again and bloodshed may come instead of political solution.

Indian agency will continue to divide the Naga society unless the Naga people stand on the truth of their history it will be a disaster and if the present generation forfeit the struggle of the Naga patriots for just mere packages by the GoI. Let us hope and pray that God help out from these situation, let us also pray that God give the heavenly wisdom to all Naga leaders to sort it out their own burden of CAPITAL EGO so as to bring peace in our land when every Naga soul is yearning for a peaceful. Let good sense prevail and let us avoid provocative statement against each other as we anticipate a common solution for all Naga across border.

Sulanthung Humtsoe
Lotha Public Organization (LPO)

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