First round of tripartite talk in the aftermath of Oting incident

The first round table tripartite talk in the aftermath of the December 4 and 5 killings in Mon district were held yesterday with Konyak Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Assam Rifles and the Mon district administration. According to source, Konyak CSOs stated that the Assam Rifles team had brought up the total restriction of convoy and patrolling of the Armed forces within Konyak jurisdiction since December 5, 2021. To this, the CSOs maintained that the issue of convoy and patrolling should be tackled at higher level between the state government or Home department and the Assam Rifles.

However, on its ‘non-cooperation’ resolution with the Indian armed forces, the Konyak CSOs had made it clear that it shall not withdraw its stance until justice is delivered and moreover, such decision shall be taken at the ENPO level. On the question put forward by the Konyak CSOs as to how and when justice is to be delivered, source said that the officials from the Assam Rifles had admitted that the judiciary process is beyond their hands but had admitted in full assurance that justice will be delivered by any means.

It further stated that a second round table talk, as suggested by the Major General, the Konyak CSOs agreed that it may be held depending on the gravity of the situation. It may be mentioned that the Konyak Civil societies had submitted a reminder note to the President of India on February 6 reiterating its demand for speedy justice for the victims of Oting massacre.

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