Saramba Segment Voice on Tamenglong – Tousem – Haflong road

Tamenglong, Dec. 02: Saramba Segment Voice (SSV) on Tuesday reiterate that they would fight tooth and nail to push for old alignment touching the Achingtiang location.

Speaking in the press conference held at the council colony Tamenglong, Saramba Segment Voice president Rd Loveson Kamei said that the old alignment was surveyed by government.

He said that the old alignment was technically feasible, grade is good, it touch more villages, it is short and easy to go Barak waterfall, Zeilad lake, etc.

He questioned Why the district administration has proposed new alignment for construction of Tamenglong-Tousem – Halflong road where it touch less village, grade will be up and down.

He said that it would be very easy for the government to construct the old alignment which is already cut and left dilapidated condition instead of cutting new alignment road.

The existing road had been cut with zero compensation despite of destruction of agricultural land, he lamented.

An elderly man Rajanglung Riamei social worker and who was the Member of District Planning Board in 1972 and who is also said to proposed to construct Tamenglong – Tousem – Haflong road was also present in the Press conference.

He narrated how the came up for construction Tamenglong – Tousem – Haflong road funded under NEC. He recollects that 80 per cent of the earth work has completed.

Contractor could not complete the work and BRO was again started to take and work was started in 1973 however due to the underground involvement BRO had been withdrawn. The construction work of Tamenglong – Tousem – Haflong road was left dilapidated condition till date.

“The district administration should follow the old alignment in the interest of the general public. We are going to oppose tooth and nail. We are going to launch agitations and declare do or die for the road”, they said.

They also asked the concerned authority and contractor to come and survey and see what is true and good for government and public.

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