Low cost equipment for Covid-19

Dimapur, June 27: A social cause to fight against Covid-19 and creating avenues for youths and entrepreneurs in Nagaland, the Nagaland Tool Room & Training Centre (NTTC), Dimapur has started a project with the theme ‘NTTC Social Endeavour for COVID-19’. This also will promote ‘Made in Nagaland’ tag.

Er Petehetuo Miasalhou, the Principal in a press release said, the NTTC  Dimapur took up the responsibility to develop and manufacture equipments with the increasing demand of personal protective equipment (PPE) by hospital and medical department in the state with limited supply in the local market.

Low Cost Emergency Mechanical Ventilator

Some of the equipments the NTTC manufacturing includes:

  1. Face mask and shields,
  2. Sanitizer dispenser stands,
  3. Hand wash booth,
  4. Body sanitizing chamber,
  5. Low cost emergency ventilator and
  6. Hospital fowler beds.

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