Automatic contactless sanitizer dispenser

Mokokchung, June 27 (MEx): In what can be termed as a revelation of yet another Naga talent during this lockdown, a youth in Mokokchung has successfully developed an automatic sensation sanitizer dispenser unit using an assortment of electronic discards. The designer, H. Tali Chang made the automatic dispenser with locally available electronic discards except for the sensor chip which he procured from an online seller. The 34-year old Tali Chang donated the dispenser to the Chang Baptist Church Mokokchung on June 27.

Tali Chang said that he used a mobile phone battery, a laptop battery, inbuilt adapters to recharge the batteries, the drip chamber of a medical IV set, a 250 ml container to store the sanitizer and a sensor chip which be bought online. These components were boxed in a used computer CPU cabinet giving the dispenser an aesthetically appealing look. The unique feature of his design is that the dispenser can run on the batteries even if there is power outage.

Tali Chang said that it took him about a week to design his prototype and added that he can now build one within two or three days as he has now gained adequate experience. On being asked what prompted him to build his design, Tali Chang said that he thought that an automatic touchless sanitizer dispenser would be safer than the normal ones. He added that he was doubtful of the safety of the manual sanitizer dispensers when a number of people use it simultaneously.

Tali Chang, hailing from Longra village under Tuensang district, is a self-taught electronics mechanic and runs a mobile phone repairing and servicing shop in Dilong Ward, Mokokchung. He disclosed that people are already getting into contact with him to place orders for the automatic sanitizer dispensers. He has placed orders for more sensor chips and said that the volume of sanitizer storage in the dispenser can be enhanced as required. Meanwhile, pastor of Chang Baptist Church Mokokchung, Ngaku Chullen has in a public address video expressed gratitude to H. Tali Chang for donating his “invention” to the church.

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