Fear of COVID-19 local transmission in Ukhrul

With more and more people with no known travel history testing positive for COVID-19 in Ukhrul district, apprehension of local transmission is growing with each passing day.

According to a source, at least 15 persons from Ukhrul district were found Covid-19 positive via a rapid antigen test today.

Twelve persons from nearby villages of Ukhrul town and three returnees tested Covid-19 positive at Bakshi ground screening centre of Ukhrul today.

According to reports from Ukhrul district hospital, all the 12 persons who have no travel history hail from Langdang village of Ukhrul.

Significantly Ukhrul District Magistrate Joseph Pauline Kamson had declared Langdang village as a containment zone on September 21 after  two persons were found Covid-19 positive.

Today, another 12 persons were found positive from the same village.
Residents of Ukhrul town expressed strong fear that local spread of Covid-19 has already begun in the district.

The 12 persons without travel history who tested positive have become a serious concern for all.

This despite the fact that the Tangkhul Co-ordination Forum on Covid-19 (TCFC) enforced stringent measures to check and prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the district.

Volunteers were deployed at highway junction to prevent unnecessary movement and also to ensure that all adhere to the SOP issued by the Government.

According to reports of Ukhrul district hospital, so far 453 persons have been found infected with Covid-19 while 417 have already recovered and there are 36 active cases.

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