44 Assam Rifles organise Mobile health camp in Tamenglong

TAMENGLONG, Feb. 20: 44 Assam Rifles under the aegis of 22 Sector of IGAR(East) organised one-day Mobile free medical camp in different villages including Kabuanram, Lamlaba, Pallong and Piulong village along Tamenglong- Tamei road.

The mobile medical unit team including doctors,  the female medical staff led by Deputy Commandant Dr YB Singh are reaching out to various villages. This unique mobile wellness initiative was flagged off from Tamenglong  by the 44 Assam Rifles Commandant  Col pradeep kumar, the released said.

The team was warmly welcomed by villagers enroute as in a surprise the medical team reached out to them at their doorstep. The team is also spreading the awareness about COVID vaccination to the villagers.

The released issued by its Adjutant Major D Singh Gusain said that the female medical staff is reaching out to women folks to specifically address the ailments and related health issues of the women population of the villages.

“The team is expected to reach out to seven villages and distribute free medicines to approximately 750 people enroute to Tamenglong and Tamei IT Road. The mobile team brought smiles and happiness in life these innocent souls residing here. The medical team is also spreading awareness about the COVID in these villages”, he said.

On the sidelines of this unit is promoting tourism in Buning meadows of Tamei area by contributing to the state government initiative of GO TO HILLS the unit is promoting and facilitating people from other parts of the state to come and experience the nature of Buning Meadow in Tamenglong district, he stated.

With the motto ‘Serving with Adveture’ eighty riders of  the Royal Riders Manipur, a volunteer club, has been facilitated to reach the meadows. Such activities shall definitely encourage many other such local tourists to come, visit and explore the beauty of these unique picturesque meadows.

The endeavour is to generated more sources of revenue for the local youth thus achieving the dream of self reliance and self sustainance. Buning meadows have been attracting many locals in the past too, bringing livelihood to the villagers. But, because of the COVID restrictions during last year the villagers are struggling to get new tourists coming to their village, he added.

This is not the first time Assam Rifles have taken initiative along with the locals for their upliftment in absence of any government facility.

He also mentioned 22 km ‘People’s Effort Road’ from Tamei to Dikhuiram inaugurated by the IGAR(E) on 09 February this year is another feat achieved with the joint efforts of the local populace and the 44 Assam Rifles to provide accessibility to the far flung villages to better infrastucture, education and medical & marketing facilities.

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