Destruction of illegal poppy cultivation Ukhrul district

Ukhruk, 25th Nov: Manipur police continue destruction of illegal poppy cultivation. Around 200 acres of poppy plantation was detroyed yesterday and today at the range of Sikibung and Thawai respectively by a team of Ukhrul police led by Addl. SP of Ukhrul Distrct, Luther Nangsha including personnel from NCB, NAB, 6 MR and forest department of Ukhrul District led by its DFO, Shanngam Shaliwo.

Also read begin the mass drive of destruction across the state.

According to information made available to this correspondent by SP Ukhrul, Worngam Ningshen, around 200 plus police personnel have been camping in the Sikibung and Thawai hill range since monday evening for complete destructions of illegal poppy cultivation in the area. As the poppy plantation area to be destroyed is huge, they will be camping in the hills to continue the work for a few days.

The police personnel, NCB, NAB, MR and Forest Department travelled 2-3 hours to reach the cultivation area from the Imphal-Ukhrul highway.

Approximately around 100 acres of illegal plantation of poppy were destroyed in the hill range of Sikibung yesterday and around 100 acres were destroyed today in the Thawai range.

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