Dobashis to play vital role in solving, based on customary laws

The Tuensang District Dobashi (DBs) Union Bifurcation programme was held at DC Conference Hall, Noklak today. Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner Noklak, Reny Wilfred said DBs are the custodians of customary law and are holding the values of the customs.

He described them as the eyes and ears of the administration and also the strength in maintaining law and order in the district and state as well. He called upon the DBs of Tuensang and Noklak to work together as before and requested them to form a forum, so that it will create an opportunity for better coordination.

He said issues and problems are part of the administration, where DBs have to play a vital role in solving the disputes basing on the customary laws. He urged upon the DBs to be firm in giving opinion based on customary law and to stay upright as custodians of customary law.

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