Volunteers carrying medicines to Tousem

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Tamenglong: The long time negligence of the government in maintaining all weather road linking Tousem Sub-divisional range with neighbouring districts (Tamenglong and Jiribam), despite repeated demands put forth by various civil society organisations(CSOs), questions our very concept of nationhood and ongoing development process.

Volunteers carrying medicines from Azuram to Tousem as their is no vehicular transport in the area.

It is a known fact that proper road connectivity is the dire needs to enhance livelihood as essential commodities are being acquired through it.

In case of Tousem, non-performance of the government in addressing the plight of the common people, is detected once again.

There had been a shortage of medicine for the ailing hospital patients at primary health center(PHC) of Tousem due to the prevailing lockdown as per battling against Covid-19 .

The demand was put into place to arrange medicines at the earliest possible time and accordingly medicine loaded-vehicle was sent from Tamenglong.

However, it failed to reach it’s destination due to dilapidated condition of the road between Azuram and Tousem.

In order to contain the dire needs of the patients, Tousem Village Authority took up the charge by sending volunteers on payment basis, to shift medicines from Azuram to Tousem.

It is also pertinent to include in the realm, the deplorable road connectivity from Kaiphundai to Tousem, as it interlinked Jiribam which is the lifeline of Tousem range.

The government is , once again, reminded to look into the matter and execute necessary action so that denizens retain normalcy in terms of livelihood.

It is also of the view that adequate amount of medicines should be maintained in PHC so that diseases like malaria, diarrhea, dysentery, etc., which are prone in our area could be timely curbed.