India’s treatment protocol for COVID-19 is well defined now

New Delhi, 22 Nov: The Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said on Sunday that COVID-19 pandemic is not the first one and definitely not the last one but it will soon be a past episode of the 21st century.

He said our treatment protocol for COVID patients is well defined now. Dr. Vardhan was digitally addressing the Boston Center of Excellence for Health and Human Development yesterday through a Video Conference.

Saluting millions of front-line health workers who bravely carried on with their duty in spite of risk and adversity, including professionals other than doctors and nurses, Dr. Vardhan elaborated India’s strategy to contain COVID-19. He said, vaccines will be available soon and the cases will significantly go down in the next few months.

Detailing that India has already mastered all components of Modern medicine from antibiotics to emergency care, surgery, immunization, and vaccine, Dr Vardhan noted that the focus is now on the cost, quality, and affordability.

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