Who will first vaccinated COVID-19 in India?

When people are are wondering who will be first vaccinated or when the vaccination will become available in the country, the Government identifies high risk groups to be vaccinated on priority for COVID-19.

Kohima, 23 Dec: According to AirNews, the Government of India has identified the priority groups that will be vaccinated on priority as they are at higher risk based on the potential availability of vaccines. The Health Ministry has come out with a series of frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccine on various aspects.

The first group includes healthcare workers because they are at high risk of contracting the infection and protecting them helps to sustain essential health services.

The vaccination of frontline workers will help in reducing the societal and economic impact by reducing COVID-19 mortalities. The next group to receive COVID 19 vaccine will be persons over 50 years of age and persons under 50 years with comorbid conditions because there is high mortality in this category.

The reason for including more than 50 years of age group for vaccination is that it will be able to cover 78 per cent of persons having co-morbidities and thereby reduce mortality on account of COVID-19. More than 50 years of age group is divided into two sub groups. One sub group is 60 years and above, they will be vaccinated first.

Second sub-group is between 50 to 60 years age group, they will be vaccinated after the first sub group is covered. The vaccination may not be sequential. It can go in parallel for all beneficiaries depending on the availability of the vaccine.

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