Tadubi – Ukhrul Road totally cut off

Senapati, 03 Nov: The main road connecting Tadubi – Ukhrul which is also the NH-102 (A) was totally cut off due landslide at Vourei, between Liyai khunou and Vaisiichu. Source said, the region received a heavy rain in the past two days.

The landslide reportedly occurred on October 31, Saturday last and commuters passing along the route were totally cut off after the landslide. Dwellers along the NH-102(A) said that vehicles used to pass along the route leading to Ukhrul via Paomata off and on season and 6 villages along Laii circle.

Drawing the attention of the concerned department for quick action, Ng. Hrai, President, Laii Circle lamented that no official from any department had visited the area while people of the area have been facing untold hardships due to cut off connectivity along the route.

He further mentioned that the Laii Circle had brought a JCB from Laii village to clear the debris on Sunday to restore connectivity. However, he stated that it could not able to cut with steep rocky mountain along that area. Sources mentioned that unless construction of retaining wall around 20 feet from below the cut off portion is built up, it would be difficult for restoration along the said route.

People from the area also mentioned that necessary and essential services to pass along the route remains totally cut off even for people facing essential medical facilities from time to time.

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