Affected villages says, no to Jiri- Makhru Wildlife Sanctuary

Tamenglong: Affected 17 villages of Jiri- Makru wildlife Santuary says no to wildlife in their area stating that concerned department failed to take consent of the local people and moreover there is no endanger animal in their villages.

To press the government affected 17 villages had formed “Committee on Jiri- Makhru Wildlife Sanctuary” Tousem yesterday during a joint meeting of all affected villages.

Speaking to media persons at Peace hall Tamenglong headquarters, “Committee on Jiri- Makhru Wildlife Sanctuary” Tousem Convener NT Naibuing said that forest department put proposal for Jiri- Makhru Wildlife Sanctuary in 1997.

However, government of India served notification to claim any objection in 2016 giving 60 days to take claim. But the government of Manipur had hid the notification and it did not reach to the concerned affected villages.

As no one has claimed objection, government of India has declared Jiri- Makhru Wildlife Sanctuary in 2017, 6 July. When the affected villages went down to Imphal to meet the forest department, the officials said that the matter is just proposal only and told the remote villages not to be panic, he claimed.

The declaration of Jiri- Makhru Wildlife Sanctuary was came to light when National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) came for alignment of national highway – Tamenglong- Tousem- Halflong, where NHIDCL refused to take alignment in their village stating “it is within Jiri- Makhru Wildlife Sanctuary”.

Immediately affected came together yesterday and formed “Committee on Jiri- Makhru Wildlife Sanctuary” Tousem. Tousem Sub- Division being remoted was cheated, we are so disappointed, the committee alledged.

“We strongly condemned the state government, we will figth tooth and nail, when people are longing for good road and many has died longing for good road, when oppurtinity came to construction road, government refused to construct road or refused to practice Jhuming cultication”, they said.

According to source available in public dormant within the radius five villages including Phoklong, Tegoram, Ketiangnam, Ketiang and New Mandeu village with 198 suare kilometres was declared as Jiri- Makhru Wildlife Sanctuary.

Another 12 villages within the radius of 454 square kilometres including Tousem, Mandeu, Chramram, Azuram, Namtiram, Taningjam, Nzingning, Inem, New Impa, New Magulong and Ketiang was extended as “Eco Sensitive zone” where construction of national highway or Jhuming cultivation were prohibitated.

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