Parliamentary Core Committee on Naga Political Issue appeals all negotiating parties

Kohima/Dimapur (ANK) 9th July 2021: The meeting of Parliamentary Core Committee on Naga Political Issue held today at Dimapur adopted five point resolutions wherein appeal have been made to all the negotiating parties of the Indo-Naga political dialogues to resume their peace talks with mutual respect for each other and move forward with a positive environment for an early political solution.

The Core Committee also appealed all the Naga Political Groups to make serious efforts to reconcile and work together without antagonizing each other in public domain. While appreciating the efforts of the Churches, Civil Societies and Non Governmental Organizations towards facilitating the peace process, the Core Committee requested them to make a renewed effort and create conducive atmosphere for an early realization of solution to the Naga Political issue by pursuing unity, reconciliation and oneness.

The resolutions stated that, all members of the Core Committee and the Parliamentary Committee on Naga Political Issue, including the two Members of Parliament have come together under the same banner and have committed to pave way as and when an honourable and acceptable solution is adopted. The Core Committee on behalf of the Parliamentary Committee further appealed to the Naga Negotiating groups to come together and create a common approach of One Solution and One Agreement.

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