Farmers of Pfütsero for generously donating organic vegetables

The Bayavü Area Panchayat, Bayavü Covid Action Committee and the residents of Bayavü colony, Kohima expressed their gratitude to the Pfutsero Town Baptist Church, Leshemi Women Welfare Society, Kalos Society and farmers of Pfütsero for generously donating organic vegetables to the residents of Bayavü and the frontline workers on 2nd June 2021.

The Bayavü Area Panchayat further extended their prayers for bountiful blessing towards the people of Pfutsero and their land with fertility, that the yield would not only bring economic profits but also help them to continue with the charitable works in near future.

Meanwhile the Hindu Society, Kohima also extended their profound gratitude to Kalos Society, Pfütsero for donating firewood to the Hindu Society, Kohima to perform last rites of the most needy and unidentified dead bodies at the crematorium, Kohima.

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