Modi ensured the nation that Covid-19 vaccine will meet all necessary scientific criteria

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Chief Ministers of all States and Union Territories during a high-level meeting held via video conferencing on 24th Nov. 2020.

New Delhi, 24th Nov: When the World is waiting for COVID-19 vaccine shot while drugs manufacturers and researches Doctors working tirelessly for producing vaccine to take control of the pandemic.

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi with Chief Ministers of all States and Union Territories held a high-level meeting via video conferencing to review the status and preparedness of COVID-19 response and management, with special emphasis on eight States. These States are Haryana, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat and West Bengal.

In the conference, the Prime Minister informed to nation that the COVID-19 vaccine will ensured to meet all necessary scientific criteria. He stressed that just like the focus in the fight against COVID has been on saving each and every life, the priority will be to ensure that the vaccine reaches everyone. Governments at all levels will have to work together to ensure that the vaccination drive is smooth, systematic and sustained.

Modi reassured that the government is keenly watching the development of COVID-19 vaccines and the government is in contact with Indian developers and manufacturers, along with global regulators, governments of other countries, multilateral institutions and international companies on vaccine development.

During the meeting, Prime Minister also forewarned that past experience tells us several myths, and rumours are spread around vaccines and fake news about side effects of the vaccine may also be spread. He emphasized that such anti social attempts need to be tackled through spreading greater awareness, by taking all possible help including civil society, students of NCC and NSS and the media.

The Prime minister observed that after seeing good recovery rates, many think that the virus is weak and cautioned this has led to rampant carelessness. He said those working on vaccines are doing a tremendous job, but there is a need to focus on ensuring that transmission is curbed. Further he stressed the need to bring the positivity rate under 5 per cent.

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