Major clash took place between Mao and Maram communities at Maram Bazaar

Senapati, March 30: A major clash reportedly took place between Mao and Maram communities at Maram Bazaar under Maram Police Station in Senapati district on Friday, in which around 10 persons, including a police officer, sustained injuries.

10 injured in clash at Maram Bazaar in Senapati district

According to police, four youths belonging to the Mao community were physically assaulted allegedly by a group that spoke Maram dialect when they were shopping at Maram Bazaar around 7.30 pm.

The four youths have been identified as K Hripuni, 30, son of Kayisii; B Ashuli, 31, son of  Besii; K Pfokrelo, 32, son of Kaikho and S Kholu, 30, son of Sani. All four of them are residents of Makhan Khuman village located near Maram Bazaar.  

Using loudspeakers, the Maram side gathered more people and a mob wielding guns, swords, cudgels and stones started attacking Makhan Khuman village, as per police.

Police arrived at the scene and attempted to bring the situation under control, during which one police officer sustained injury after being hit by a stone.

On being unable to bring the situation under control, additional police forces from Mao, Tadubi, and Senapati were called in and the situation was finally brought under control late at night. Police are keeping strict vigil at the area at present.

Around 10 houses in Makhan Khuman village were vandalised while many vehicles were also damaged during the attack, the police said. The 10 injured persons are currently receiving treatment at PHC Maram.

In connection with the incident, FIR No 7(4)2022 MRM-PS under section 147/148/149/307/324,425 IPC & 25(I-C) Arms Act was lodged by police station concerned.

MLA’s son alleged of assaulting local youths, indulging in gun violence

Senapati Town (IFP Photo)

Maram Bazaar Village Authority on Saturday alleged Tadubi MLA N Kayisii’s son, K Hepuni and his associates of starting a fight, assaulting locals youths and resorting to gun violence at Maram Bazaar in Senapati district on Friday.

A release signed by Maram Village Authority secretary K Daniel stated that Hepuni and his associates came heavily drunk after partying at Naojai and started to fight among themselves at around 7.30 pm in the heart of Maram Bazaar.

When local youths of Maram Bazaar tried to stop their fight and requested them to properly park their vehicles as it was causing inconvenience to vehicular movements along the NH-2, K Hepuni and their party of around 30 people assaulted three local youths (four at the time of the incident), it stated.  

When Maram Bazaar Village secretary, K Daniel tried to stop the fight, Hepuni further challenged him with abusive language, it stated.  

“The sudden appearance of escort personnel of MLA N Kayisii out of nowhere at the spot even in the presence of Manipur police personnel who were already there to man the situation, aggravated the circumstances,” it added.    

Later, the police personnel and some local leaders of Maram Bazaar and Makhan tried to placate the tense situation by asking Hepuni and his party and Maram Bazaar youths to disperse at their respective sides, it mentioned.

Meanwhile, some members from Golai/Makhan side started pelting stones on the people on the other side even as police personnel and local leaders were in the middle of the two warring sides that had inflicted injuries to eight Maram individuals, including a police officer, it further stated.  

Undermining the efforts to contain the situation, a Gypsy fitted with the siren of MLA Kayisii was repeatedly and recklessly driven inside the crowded market area, it stated.

“Party of Hepuni supported by escort personnel of MLA N Kayisii resorted to gun firing with service weapons carried by escort personnel and SBBL gun carried by Hepuni and associates inflicted fire arms injury to seven Maram individuals, of which three wounded persons are in critical condition battling for life in Imphal Hospital,” it mentioned.  

Even after police reinforcements reached the spot at around 11.45 pm, gun firing unleashed by Hepuni and his team continued, not deterred even by the presence of the reinforcement team, it stated.  

This had prompted the reinforcement team to resort to teargas towards the Golai/Makhan side, where Hepuni and his team with weapons in their hands were taking position. In this regard, an FIR has been lodged at Maram Police Station to take immediate action against the perpetrators, it added.

Source: IFP

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