Unauthorized selling of land prohibited within Nkio jurisdiction

Representation Image taken from Nkou

The Nkio Students’ Union (NSU) press released said that Nkio Pumling Council (NPC) was held an emergency meeting at Old Nkio Village Council Hall on 21st July 2021 on the peril of illegal trading of ancestral land.

The meeting resolution includes prohibition of unauthorised selling of land by any individual (s) or group (s) within Nkio jurisdiction which also asserted to resort punitive actions against the defaulters.

The NPC unanimously agreed to adopt “irrevocable and ex-post-facto resolutions to further warn and protect and preserve its land from such unlawful acts committed by avaricious individuals in connivance with the impersonating leaders,” it said.

Any individual (s) or clan (s), in the past or in the days to come, without the knowledge or consent of NPC indulging in such illegal selling of land “shall remain unacceptable and void,” it cautioned.

The resolutions were eventually adopted by 92 signatories represented from all native villages appending their signatures against their respective names, informed the release from NSU’s Media Cell.

Meanwhile, the NSU said that the union and the people of Nkio in general, also “reaffirm its resolute stance to uphold and abide by the 2012 NPC resolution, and shall not allow even an iota or an inch of our land to be encroached or be traded by rapacious and skullduggery individuals.”

It further cautioned all individuals to refrain “from such non-conforming and unlawful acts”

“Anyone violating or going against the unanimously resolved 2012 resolutions of NPC will be doing at their own risk and the perpetrators themselves will be held solely responsible for any consequences,” it said.

The NSU further stated that the history of NKIO, ancestral land, and its boundaries are specifically unique and bestowed, highly revered, and venerated by its people and henceforth, it would “protect and preserve our ancestral land at all cost” in a full-throated manner.

As per the release, Nkio is known as one of the oldest villages among Zeliangrong villages after the tribe migrated from Mekuilongdi.

In course of time due to the increase in population new villages were established at suitable locations within its jurisdiction. New Villages like Heriepeilokelo, Keriabanglo, Nsolo, and Kedilomikelo were the offshoots of the Nkio village, and although they were abandoned their remains and the evidence of their existences still can be found at various locations, it said.

In modern days, Nkio represents the ancestral land of Nkio people, widely encompassing eleven extended villages and some illegal villages established under its territory, it added.

Among the 11 villages, Old Nkio is the oldest village, which is situated in the hill sector.

“The traditional boundary of Nkio extended up to Ntangki and Dhansiri rivers in West adjoining NC Hills and Karbi Anglong respectively. Then to the North Bounded by Old Beisampui and Tesen,” the release maintained.

It said that the bordering villages in the South were Old Ngaulong and Nsong, then following up to the natural boundary marked by Meguiki river towards the eastern side bounded by Tening, Nchangram, and Nkialwa (Mbaupungwa).

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