Driver was brutally bitten black and blue by KRA

Tamei, Oct. 25th: Gas Service for Tamei and Tousem Tata Driver was brutally bitten black and blue by KRA of Kuki underground cadres at Chalwa in brood day light on 25/10/20 in the presence of many locality according to the report of victim driver.

We the public of  IT Road line settlers condemn badly this kind of uncivilized act and atrocities marked to those who are helping in our line to relief our grievances in hard times of trouble and difficulty cause by COVID-19 pandemic.

The cadres of KRA had snatch away Rs 5,000- from the said Driver by threatening him if not they will take his life. Leaders in the area appeals to the Leaders of Kuki Inpi Tuilang area, Village Authority Chairman and Chief of the Chalwa to find  out the culprits and solve the problem at the earliest and not to repeat such inhumane act in our IT Road lines. Let’s keep our IT Line as Problem and Chaos free zone. As we all know that the season is floating for celebration of Durga Puja for Hindu sects.

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