Zeliangrong United Front appealed to the public

Imphal, Jan 25: The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) has appealed to the public not to be confused by statements issued by a group led by Jenchui in the name of ZUF.

Secretary, ministry of information and publicity, ZUF, Hozam Thaimei, in a press release said that the recent statement issued by Jenchui-led ZUF group was fabricated and concocted.

The ZUF under the leadership of Raitu Chawang has been engaging in peace process under NNPGs after having entered into an alliance with it, the statement said while adding that the claim of Jenchui led group who are terrorizing the public by misusing ZUF will be dealt seriously.

The claim of such a group to be engaged in a peace process with the Government of India is quite surprising, the statement continued while appealing not to be misled by cheap propaganda of the group whose so called leaders are ‘leading luxurious life’ in metropolitan cities.

Their claim was nothing but a cheap propaganda to mislead misguided youths so that they can carry out extortion and terrorize poor and innocent public, it said.

It further urged not to be confused by their statements and to support the peaceful political dialogue initiated by the ZUF with the Government of India through the working committee of NNPGs to achieve the long cherished dream of Zeliangrong and its kindred tribes which was founded by Haipou Jadonang and Rani Ma Gaidinliu.

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