Dizzy world of scam private companies in cities

  • Yet again recent massive arrest of NE youth from in cities of Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Noida and many more companies and NE youth are under scanner for illegal activities in these fake companies including drug dealing.
  • While reaching out to them for getting bail, they revealed all about modus operandi – how our gullible youth are hoodwinked after few months of so called high profile wooing, advertishments, zazzy call letters, telephonic call from so called companies and finally convincing them for orientation training for which they have to pay money.
  • How they are made to feel good initially with decent pays… parties after office hours, traveling with their bosses in different cities, how are they slowly made to do those illegal transactions through all means. They gave huge tips if you are successful in making more illegal transactions.
  • How our NE girls are asked to dress for party, behave, drink, wear attractive dresses to maintain so called high class culture.
  • How, some are tricked to go abroad for business trips etc. Once used to high flying life …they are hooked for life of dangerous unhealthy life ….
  • Our analysis suggest the followings, which am also convinced that these are sure ways to find out the detail and genuinely of their companies reputation etc.
  • Their eye opening revelations of hideous private companies in cities corroborated many complaints cases of exploitations of NE youth especially girls in my office at Delhi( asking for sexual favour even for promotion, pay raise, keeping them late night shifts for long, asking for tea at 1 pm though, their duties were over and about to leave for rent house, placing heavily make up NE girls with certain dress code as frontal reception staff, asking for accompanying their bosses to other cities though other male members staff are also there, inviting for drink parties as part of business expansion strategy, delaying monthly payments, or half payment, retaining their certificates even if they get better jobs, not giving experience certificate for next better jobs, asking NE girls to get more NE girls for jobs in such companies with false incentive of promotional avenues…. our girls bringing more girls in these companies – this vicious circles goes on and on….in cities unabated ).Tie up with state governments for skill development, abandonment after ziffy heart heated training, hired by these waiting ‘vulture’ companies.
  • It’s so heart wrenching saga of tales of exploitations and helplessness of NE youth in cities. I could sent back home many girls from Rajasthan recently from further exploitations. Sadly life still goes on for thousands NE youth especially girls , they have no choice nor opportunity back home too…….


1- Ask for offer letter of appointment.
2- Ask for payment of salary in employee’s bank account.
3 – Ask for identity card.
4- Ask for panel members names of grievance redressal members or dissect their company through Google.
5 – Go for review of the company from open market or from ex employees.
6- If you are new employee in Delhi, donot forget to give your local guardian address of your state bhavans.

7- We all must share with all our people in working in cities or those NE youth who are planning to join private jobs in cities.
8- Organise some sort of union of pan north east in each cities in India with one of volunteer of Helping Hands to be their guide and guardian.

Robin Hibu IPS,
Special Commisioner of Police

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