Cyberspace and your embarrassing photos and videos!

All said and done about the issue of ’embarrassing’ videos/photos, I feel, we learn to lessons from others, though bit awkward of such videos/photos to me, but such will deter many innocent girls who are getting to many offers of such late night parties by their employers and BPOs/private companies in cities.

Also, without awareness, how our innocent youth would know about such honey combed parties or get together ?
To me an awareness is the only answer, it’s a fact hundreds of our NE girls/boys are rushing every months for so call city jobs at private unorganised hospitality/ service sectors after so called selection after rush and ziffy few months of so called skill training etc.

Recent trend of selection from these skill training centers are bit very doubtful as the team of so called go there in these centres and select mostly those pretty looking girls …
The recent arrest of NE girls at Lucknow, Surat, Noida, Ahmedabad indicates this pattern.

AWARENESS IS ONLY ANSWER – Example of exploitations in unorganized sector. Fall out of NE youth videos/photos in cyberspace.

What is worry some to me is, after so called training and given a jobs in private sector, they are left to fend themselves as their obligation for giving employment is only for a year or so…. thereafter, these girls are at the mercy of the employers, who put them on jobs as per their sweet will….keeping in view of their requirements, mostly ulterior motives.

I had to intervened confidentially to many girls even from my state Arunachal whom I helped them to return home from cities after employers started casting evil eyes on them, in on case, one of our NE females was asked to wear particular revealing during business trip/ party in other cities while accompanying their employers.
One of them even, attempted suicide when her boss asked him to sleep with him for her yearly pay raise.

  • It’s very easy to condemn in social media forums, but in real world, it is very very stressful, uncertain, vulnerable, jeering eyes, exploitative world in the unorganized sectors where females are like lambs in jurrasic jungle.

-Lets at least do a bit by creating an awareness in our circle. By the way these embarrassing videos and photos are already there in the cyberspace.

  • We all need to guide our novice NE youth rushing for petty menial private jobs in cities as jobs have almost dried up in our states, less they become victims sometime or other in future .

(Opinions are personal)

Robin Hibu IPS

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