Covid-19 jeng niu Government niu chariu maileng pikhai bo

Government niu Covid-19 charapok gasu kalek lungsamai, chariu jumimai leng nkha khaira pikhai mibo nangdi wijiu dou lumimah? Wakamja nang dourabo dou tang lumak jiu khatdi nagu leader mai, nakining mai natu haibo lam ga nkha khaira mai hamisai Human Rights Alert (HRA) kubo phom tu alam lubui ye. Haibo lam ga simasan ni mai pahang roubam bo kin khaibiloh.

Appeal public to response to invitation of High Court of Manipur Last Date : 04th May 2020

HRA appeals the general public to respond to the invitation of the Hon’ble High Court of Manipur published in the local dallies in connection with Public Interest Litigation (PIL) Case No. 11 of 2020 (Human Rights Alert & another vs. State of Manipur & others) dated 24 April 2020.

The invitation came in the context of a PIL filed by HRA to ensure the effective and adequate distribution of essential commodities during the COVID-19 lockdown without leaving any one behind.

HRA submitted reports of instances where several sections of population did not receive the relief items or received them in insufficient quantities. The issue of sky rocketing prices in open market and the implementation of various schemes of children and students, such as ICDS, ICPS and midday meal were also raised.

While holding the motion hearing on 24 April 2020, the Court passed an interim order directing the Government of Manipur to respond to the following questions:

a) Who is authorized in law to distribute the PDS item including rice?

b) Whether the PDS rice of equal quantity has been distributed to all who are, at present, residing in Manipur as announced by the Hon’ble Chief Minster, Manipur?

c) If the answer to issue (b) above, is in the affirmative, what are the materials/documents available with the state government to prove it?

d) If the answer to issue (b) above, is in the negative, who is responsible for it and has any action been taken by the state government against him/her after an inquiry being held in this regard?

e) Is there any mechanism to regulate and monitor the distribution of PDS items including rice?

f) Is there any window for ventilation of grievance for non-availability of PDS items including rice by the general public during the ongoing lockdown either on phone or through email or WhatsApp?

g) Is there any mechanism to entertain and resolve any issue raised by the general public in time, when PDS items including rice are not received by them?

The Court also observed that the above questions are not exhaustive but illustrative and any other issues arising out of the PIL shall also be considered by the Hon’ble Court.

It may be noted that vide order dated 2 and 17 April 2020, under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana, the Government of Manipur is to provide five kilogram of rice per person per month free of cost for three months i.e. April, May and June 2020. There is also no maximum amount to be issued to a family.

Moreover, according to the aforesaid order dated 2 April 2020 the Deputy Commissioner of each District are responsible for delivery of the rice to the fair prize shops and mandatory distribution of the same without interference from any middleman in the entire process.

In case any member of the public faces any difficulty, by way of not getting or getting inadequate amount, of the relief provided by the state government during the COVID-19 lockdown, HRA appeal the public to submit to the Court of such difficulty or irregularity in through
WhatsApp – 9436204458 or
Email – or
on or before 4 May 2020,
in pursuance of the notification as notified by the Registrar General, High Court of Manipur seeking comment, views and suggestions.

(Babloo Loitongbam)
Executive Director
Human Rights Alert

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