The History of Mr. SC Jamir’s Conspiracies

The History of Mr. SC Jamir’s Conspiracies: press statement by Tenyemi National Workers Forum- January 5, 2021.

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Under the given situation, the Tenyemi National Workers Forum (TNWF) is faced with the national necessity to look back into mischievous indulgence of Dr. SC Jamir that brought terrible harm to the Naga national workers in particular and the Naga national movement in general. We hereby resolved to issue a press statement to set the record straight.

In the tumultuous history of Indo-Naga political conflict, there are certain matters that remain a secret but there are certainly organized conspiracies and plots we have to bring out of the closet that are closely linked with SC Jamir because he is one who bloodied Naga history and spit venom to all who are against NPC’s (Naga People’s Convention) 16-Point Agreement, not even sparing Mr. AZ Phizo, the revered President of the Naga National Council (NNC), who led the Nagas from the front to declare Naga Independence on the 14th August, 1947.

Thus, Dr. SC Jamir spare no effort to make roughshod of everything but stick to his infidelity to kiss history in his desperate defense of 16 Point Agreement, standing by his off-repeated effrontery that the 16 Point Agreement is the alpha and omega for Naga political solution. This is reflected in his last interview to Dimapur Today and uploaded on YouTube.

Naga people, particularly those in the field doing the donkey’s job fighting for the political rights, bewails the like of SC Jamir who have done every conceivable things to finish off the Naga political issue using the most repugnant policy. The Naga people naturally find his political ideas totally repulsive.
Delinquent person as he proved himself to be, he fiddled with Naga political issue as his personal fiefdom and put the bona fide Naga freedom fighters on his firing line using the most abominable weapons of destruction.

He was the last surviving Naga signatory of the 16 Points Agreement which led to birth of the present Nagaland state in 1963. The 16 Points Agreement was signed between the Naga People’s Convention (NPC) and the Government of India (GoI) in 1960 making Nagaland the 16th state of the Indian Union. The historical fact behind NPC’s role is mediator turned treachery. Thus, this agreement was signed behind the back of Naga freedom fighters. Consequently, the 16 Point Agreement became the source of political turmoil that followed. Today, SC Jamir is meddling in Naga issue using the NNPGs to find Naga solution on the basis of the 16 Points Agreement. On the ongoing contentious issue of the Naga flag and Yehzabo (constitution) he deplores the issues saying that it is not applicable to the present Nagaland state. This put him in direct conflict with the Naga political group like NSCN which is ready to fight on to the last man standing in defense of Naga flag and constitution that identify Naga political issue to the world.

With his inherent anti-Naga political movement Jamir made bewildering allegations against our highly revered AZ Phizo. He went far enough to say that AZ Phizo never talk about Naga flag and constitution. This smack of his sick mind and nothing else as only insane person will question about Phizo not talking anything on flag and constitution. Jamir need to ponder on these following points of historical facts:

Is 1947 Naga flag hoisting ignored by Jamir?
Is the 14th August, 1947 Naga Independence declaration by Phizo without flag and constitution? Is 1951 plebiscite without flag and constitution?

Phizo gave his life and everything for the Naga nation. Does Dr. Jamir’s allegations on Phizo qualify in any manner? It may be made known of one incident when the then Prime Minister of India Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru issued a statement in Lok Sabha wherein he expressed his desire to meet Phizo in India.

But apprehending disturbing the 16 Points Agreement SC Jamir who was then Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) raised his voice against the proposal as he also prevailed upon Shilu Ao, Chief Executive Counselor to go against the proposal of Nehru.Nehru was politically conscious enough that the 16-Point Agreement is not going to be basis for Naga political solution and that was the sole reason he wanted to talk toPhizo. But this plan was aborted by SC. Jamir’s conspiracy.

During the height of Naga political struggle under National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) after the Khaplang engineered crisis, SC Jamir was at his game as a frenzied demagogue restless to destroy Naga political struggle spearheaded by NSCN. When SC Jamir was the Chief Minister of Nagaland state he openly collaborated with the central government in order to destroy the NSCN. He used NSCN-K leaders like Dally Mungro and Kitovi Zhimomi and their boys like his private army to target NSCN and its public supporters. The formation of Nagaland Youth Liberation Front (NYLF) 6th Brigade and 9th Brigade are all linked to SC Jamir’s evil design to crush the NSCN. However, God forbid Jamir to have his way.

These anti-NSCN forces were all eliminated in the counter operation launched by NSCN. But the desperado Jamir went for another abhorrent anti-NSCN operation under his horrendous to evict the NSCN from Nagaland soil by declaring that the “chaff and paddy” must be separated. Under this policy he made a joint issue with NSCN-K and served “quit notice” against the Tangkhuls in Nagaland state. Much to his sadistic pleasure, as many as thirty five (35) innocent Tangkhuls that includes chemist, scientist, teacher, pastor, students, farmers and innocent laymen were killed by NSCN-K in Kohima and Dimapur mainly. But the Tangkhuls stood their ground as they find no reason to quit Nagaland.

Determined to eliminate the freedom fighters led by NSCN, Jamir have his way again when he was provided by the centre Rs.103 crores as Peace Offensive Operation against NSCN. NSCN-K was also provided 100 AK-47s as a part of his Peace Offensive Operation. These AK-47 pieces were meant for modernization of Nagaland state police force. Any amount of monetary incentive was paid for killing any NSCN members or any public members belonging to the Tangkhul community. He also made fervent appeal to the Government of India to book NSCN leaders under Interpol Act.

When Indo-Naga ceasefire was declared in 1997 he raised hue and cry, showing his strong displeasure for signing ceasefire with NSCN without taking the state government into confidence. He also questioned why the talk should be without pre-condition. He bemoaned that talk with NSCN should be conditioned under the constitution of India.

In the year 1998 when Naga people decided to take the stand “we want solution not election” Jamir defied all political parties and Naga people’s decision and went ahead with election and got his INC candidates elected without people’s mandate. He put himself to the chief minister’s throne without going through the process to get democratic sanctity. It washes defiance that has gone down into Naga history.

Much to the chagrin of the Naga people Jamir have the temerity to test the nerve of the Naga people when he wrote a book “The Bedrock of Naga Society” stating that the 16 Points Agreement is the alpha and omega for Naga solution. This controversial book was deliberately released when the Indo-Naga political talk was steadily progressing. Ultimately, he was made to bite the dust as Naga people disowned the book that tried to rewrite Naga history based on India created 16 Points Agreement. Thus, Naga history was saved from getting disparaged and distorted in the hands of SC Jamir.

For the Naga people, Jamir is nothing more than a saddest fish that swims in the dirty water, his existence that the Nagas bewail. He continues to befuddle and beguile. Thus, misguided elements he ganged up to oppose Naga solution tooth and nail. His whole life is focused on indulging in nefarious act to sabotage the Naga people’s political movement to reset the political status that was suppressed by the Government of India. In the true sense of the term he is a hard core political criminal under whose bloody hands many lost their lives for standing up to defend the political and historical rights of the Naga people.

Jamir remains the begotten son of India as he has been faithfully doing the biddings of the Government of India since Jawaharlal Nehru’s time. Even after Naga people throw him out from election he was rewarded by the Government of India by giving him the post of Governor two times in different states.

For him, to defy Naga people’s aspiration he considered it as rectitude. But his hands are smeared with the blood of Naga freedom fighters. Incongruous was his handling of Naga issue and indelible are his misdoings against the Naga people. He continues to glorify the 16 Points Agreement but the fact shall remain standing that he had a long and inglorious chapter in Naga’s history.

Even at his age he show himself a man he is as he speaks out of context in his interview and scornfully touched on the names of Mr. AZ Phizo, Gen. (Retd.) Kholi Konyak and Mr. Th. Muivah.

It may be recalled that on the 29th February, 2012 Agri-Expo, Naga People’s Consultative Meeting,Jamir made cheap of himself as he accused (L) Gen. Kholi Konyak of speaking Muivah’s words on inability to obtain sovereignty. Indeed he proved himself a political pariah who continues to be on collision course with history to destroy Naga people’s political identity.

Significantly, when the Naga stakeholders speak out their minds to condemn and reject the rejected 16-Points Agreement reacting to SC Jamir’s personal viewpoint on 16-Points Agreement he said, “the truth is bitter”.

Jamir continues to resist the simple historical fact that the Naga people hold. It was the failure of the 16-Points Agreement that the Government of India had declared ceasefire and hold political negotiation to put things right for the lasting Naga solution. How long is he going to demonize the historical reality?

TNWF also would put on record that it resolved to stand together and uphold the Naga National principle based on 1951 plebiscite till an honorable and acceptable settlement is achieved.

The TNWF also resolved to respect the traditional land boundaries and protect the Tenyemi’s ancestral land from encroachers wherever it may be.

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