Liangmai bodies against declaration on Mount Koubru

Newmai News Network
Imphal, Jan 25 : The Liangmai Naga Council (LNC), Liangmai Naga Katimai Ruangdi (LNKR) and Eastern Zone of Liangmai Naga Council have strongly objected to the proposed declaration of Mount Koubru area as a sacred site of Lord Koubru and Lai Pukhri by the Manipur Government.

A joint statement of the three Liangmai organizations was in response/in pursuance of the Government “notification No.5/11/2008-s (AC) Secretariat Art & Culture department dated Imphal-the 26th November, 2020”.

The Liangmai bodies put on record that the proposed site is an integral part of Liangmai ancestral land. “Therefore, to implement any kind of development project or preservation activity, be it by the State Government, the Central Government or NGOs, the consent of the ancestral land owner is a must,” the three Liangmai organizations asserted, while cautioning, “Any attempt to infringe our right and land shall be opposed tooth and nail”.

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