Keyima SHG of Heningkunglwa Village

Success story

Peren: Keyima SHG, Heningkunglwa village

DIPR (Naga News): Driven by the desire to be self-sufficient and independent, the women folk of Heningkunglwa village formed an SHG named Keyima SHG in the year 2002 under the flagship Programme of Integrated Watershed Development Programme (IWDP), Department of Land Resources. The group comprises of 10 likeminded women who were enthusiastic to work, create a difference and contribute to the society as well. Since the inception, Keyima SHG have been actively engaged in different income generating activities. Seeing the progress and enthusiasm of the SHG, the SBI, Jalukie branch supported them with loans.

In the year 2003, Keyima SHG availed a loan of Rs 1 lakh from SBI, Jalukie and with the amount, they purchased a plot of land measuring 25.556 acres for bamboo plantation. The bank in observing the sincerity and success of the group have rewarded them by sanctioning with another loan of Rs 1 lakh. The Keyima SHG was awarded the Best SHG in Peren District functioning under the Department which have made them quite renowned and eminent among other SHG’s. They could again avail financial support from the Department under (Integrated Watershed Management Programme) IWMP-III, Batch-II in the year 2012.

In 2013, the group members attended a workshop on Handmade Aloe Vera Soap Making organized by the Land Resources Department. Motivated by the desire to begin a new venture, they started ‘Aloe Vera’ farming which is primarily used for preparing soap. Apart from this, they also got engaged in other activities like detergent making, pickle making, pineapple cultivation, rearing of silk worm, banana plantation& kitchen garden. Their products are marketed in local town as well as have captured markets at Kohima and Dimapur. Till date, the group have generated an income of Rs. 16,21,660/-.

Keyima SHG is progressing day by day and is an asset to the village, the Church and the community. Very often, the group gets invitation by the different Organizations and SHGs even outside their village for conducting trainings & workshops for the livelihood of the rural women, which in return brings positive gains to the group both financially and socially. The SHG members have become more self-sufficient & economically independent.

In times of events and festivals, the group members take active leadership roles which in a way have led to women empowerment at rural levels. They have created a sense of their own identity and developed confidence through their income generation. Despite of the lockdown, their activities has not come to a halt, as they are still very enthusiastic in performing their works yet following the Government guidelines. Keyima SHG, through the support of the Department of Land Resources has in a way empowered the women both financially and socially and made them self- reliant.

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