Poverty alleviation to wild life hunting

1.Tathan 2. Chahung 3. Tathiu ra kamchang kam bamme thaiting… Wildlife Sanctuary haise preserve thiukhai ra kamsai ndejiu wiralo!

Airgun thinlu jiu thing na pui nsuan wajiu kep satmibo

It’s sad that some people cultivate this primitive habit as a hobby. High time to leave the stone age behind.

Some people take a few minutes stroll before lunch or dinner to add one more item on their table. Small birds are a favorite for making chutney with king chilly and eaten as appetizer.

With the introduction of an inbuilt binocular air gun with high accuracy, birds are killed hundred times more than those days when bird-meat-lovers used catapults to hunt.

It is highly recommended that bird meat lovers in our community be identified and special meat package – like cheap chicken legs, hearts, livers etc., – be sponsored by LNC, LNKR or any CSO and video games of bird shooting be developed and taught to those who are finding hard to leave the primitive habits behind.

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