Tening-Leikie interstate road in pathetic condition

The 37.5-k road connecting Nagaland and Assam in Peren district was totally ignored and the road has been abandoned without any repairing work take place, voice of general public for a good road remain unheard despite repeated requests.

The Zeme Students’ Union Nagaland (ZSU-N) has strongly condemned the alleged inaction and delay in executing the long-cherished Tening-Leikie road. The union’s president Aakam Pame and social & cultural secretary Kedirangbe Pame said Central assistance under North East Road Sector Development Scheme was funded 100% for this road connectivity, however, work on the project was diluted for profit of individuals with party affiliations and this road was lying in pathetic condition more than two decades now.

The road serves as a lifeline to almost 10 villages in Peren District and an inter-State link. The union regretted that the public dream of having a good road with hopes and aspirations for living a better life was halted for years, adding no political party showed interest to address the grievances of the people and their sentiments.

Further, the union said that patients were facing lot of hardships due to the poor road condition, with pregnant women being the hardest hit as they are often forced to deliver on the way to hospitals and many lives have been lost in this manner.

In addition to paitents, the qualified school teachers appointed at remote places often refuse to join due to bad road, children have to walk to schools outside their villages and return carrying ration for home as there is no proper supply of essentials commodities.

Stressing that good road was the key to development; ZSU (N) said the poor road condition has cut off the area from rest of the districts and States. The produce of marginal farmers have no exit point to rest of the world, causing lot of damage to the local economy, adding to low productivity of the State, it added.
Observing that parties form governments after promising good roads during every election, the union said once they were elected, they never turned their back to people.

And as a responsible organisation with the aim and objective to work for unity, development and welfare of the people, ZSU (N) urged the authority concerned and the government to execute the road project without any delay. It warned that patience of people and their faith in the government should not be mistaken as their weakness.

Requesting the authority concerned to understand the plight of the most neglected remote areas and under-developed Nsong and Kebai area in Peren district, the union hoped that the government would consider grievances of the people and take viable steps in turning road connectivity into a reality.

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