Massive Landslides totally cut off NH in Senapati District in Manipur

Senapati, 24 Oct: Due to incessant rain that had continued for a couple of days, the main lifeline of Manipur NH-2 is totally cut off at a place called Khongnem Thana, which is about 12 Kms North of Senapati Police Station under Senapati district in Manipur.

Sinking at the spot reportedly occurred at around 4:30 pm yesterday while a loaded truck that belonged to Satyam Industry, Senapati was swept away by the sinking portion at the area.

2 JCBs that were at the working site were also sunken but, with arrival of a crane from the BIPL, the 2 JCBs were removed from the sunken portion last midnight. About 40-50 meters length and 30 feet depth approximately  had been sunken at the portion.

Spectators say that it would take more than a week to cut a new pliable road. More than 200 vehicles including heavy loaded trucks and light vehicles have been stranded along both sides of the road. Meanwhile, DC and SP of the district had flung into the site.

Thanks to the local residents of the area, the local villagers of Khongnem Thana have been helping in cutting new pathway for stranded passengers who are passing to and fro on emergency.

Talking to BIPL personnel, it is reported that they have been waiting for the Ministry of Road Transport and state PWD to come and find means to cut a new means for passable passage at the area.

A team from Imphal including Addl. Chief Secretary, Govt of Manipur is on the way to visit the site at the time of filing this report.

The Senapati District Students Association (SDSA) and the Maram Students Union (MKS) had reportedly provided assistance to the stranded passengers and vehicles at the site since last night.

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