World Breastfeeding Week 2020

World breastfeeding week 2020 observed across Nagaland by creating awareness & sensitizing on the Importance of Breastfeeding especially with the lactating and eligible couples by frontline workers.

@Longleng, Nagaland

Low Budget Street Painters (LBSP) Longleng.

Low Budget Street Painters is a union of five friends namely Mr. Henok phom s/o Mr&Mrs.N.Chiyo phom of Yachem Village, Mr.N. Phamchong phom s/o Mr&Mrs.H.Nokchei phom of Orangkong village, Mr. Tokmei phom s/o Mr&Mrs.M.Bhaushei phom of Orangkong village, Mr.I.Bauom phom s/o Mr&Mrs.M.Imkong wapang phom of Yaongyimchen village and Mr.B.Hankham phom s/o Mr&Mrs.O.C.Bauloi phom of Yongnyah village.

(LBSP) is a union among friends who came together with an aim of achieving common goals and for the betterment of society they live in. It was recently established on June 10th 2020 with an aim of beautifying the streets of Longleng Town. It first started as a joke between these friends during their leisure time of discussion. And they came to realization that they should put forward their ideas into action.

(LBSP) is an non-profit organization and it’s self sponsored union, apart from painting they also clean up drainage and abandon walls and make sure the surrounding they work is need and tidy and create awareness on public charity. The project they work are also uploaded in social media know as (Low Budget Street Painters). They mostly work on public charity and their aim is to cover up the whole abandon walls and streets of Longleng with their work of art. They decide and take up project’s according to their convenience and budget, they also said that its a big challenge for them as well, as an unemployed youth’s self sponsoring, they all are undergraduate students and their classes are off due to the pandemic but through this time they have done successfully four to five project works within a month time of establishing the union. They also urge and encourage our young naga youth’s to do something good for our society during this time of pandemic weather it be physically, socially or mentally instead of spending time leisurely. And also thank God for his guidance and blessing and thanks to all well wishers who have helped them mentally, physically, spiritually and financially through out their work. They could not mention their names in particular, but said that may the good Lord blessed them abundantly.

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