Realization of developmental projects for hill areas

Chief Minister Biren Singh led coalition government in Manipur has announced many developmental projects for hill areas, the Tamei sub division which is one of the most backward area in the state still facing untold miseries. The realization of developmental projects for hill areas can be such as Volunteers carrying medicines to Tousem, How to reach Tamei PHC etc.

In the latest instance of struggle for life, villagers of Dutnong left with no other options, they were compelled to carry the heavily pregnant woman on the bamboo makeshift stretcher and walk for whole day to reach the nearest health centre at Tamei sub-division for delivery.

In the video, some of them were seen falling off on the bushes while crossing the narrow pathways, indicating the pathetic condition of the sole connectivity from the village to the other parts of the state.

This is not the first incident of carrying sick people by the villagers themselves to reach the nearest hospital. In the video, at least a dozen youths are seen carrying the patient while a similar number of people are following them, which seem to change the shift if the other party gets exhausted. Same things had happened many times in the past and some had even died on the way due to delayed medical assistance. The government fully aware of the miserable situations of the villagers of the region but it has not nothing to ameliorate the same, despite repeated appraisals, they rued. The backward region does not have any proper health facilities, adding to the risk and vulnerability of the poor villagers, especially in times of medical emergencies.

We once again appeal to the government and the MLA concerned of the area to take up necessary actions to end our prolonged hardships once and for all, the villagers pleaded.

For many years, residents living in the areas have appealed to the state government to oversee the connectivity issue; however, their complaints have fallen into deaf ears.

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