True leader leads from the front

A parable about left hand not knowing the right hand activities rings true in this particular case. Dr Jeshua Nchang, the District Quarantine in-charge of Peren District had contributed immensely for our people, in our fight against the pandemic. It would be an act of misadventure and incredibility from our part if we do not acknowledge his large hearted contributions. He had donated cement bags and iron rods towards the ICU room constructions at CHC Jalukie, Peren, gave 50 rice bags for our Athibung citizens, 50 rice bags for Jalukie, He even had the heart to donate one large pig to the medical team at HomeStay centre Jalukie town.

However, apart from his valuable assistance towards our District people. Dr Nchang along with his team is doing an absolutely spectacular job giving their best efforts and taking all the required initiatives for tackling the pandemic face on. Had it not been for their supreme sacrifices on their line duty, the situation would have been a total disaster and pandemonium.

Dr. Nchang showing the true valour and a quintessential style of work without any second thoughts of his safety had been a true asset for not only our Peren Dist. but the whole of the state we are talking about the covid warriors and their sacrifices, it wouldn’t be lie to include his name on the top of the pantheons of our society.

If we truly are a society of true merits, in the sense that values of one’s duties and hard works are to be recognised, his name should be upfront, the sacrifices and initiatives of leaders like our Dr. Jeshua Nchang should be made a cover story and proper accolades and due credits should be given to him and that we are winning this war against COVID-19. So, the least we can do as a civilized society for such a big hearted individual who has made all the sacrifices on his line duty for keeping the situation control and taking all the responsibilities is just give him the due credits and accolades.

We pray to the Almighty for prosperity and blessings for him and entire family members.

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