Peren division disappointment over COVID-19

Expressing disappointment over COVID-19 scenario in the district, the NPF, Charity Mission Committee COVID-19 (NPFCMC-C19), Peren division stated that Peren being one of the worst affected districts, the sensible welfare government on moral ground is called upon “to ease this risky pandemic burden of the public.”

A press release by NPFCMC-C19 member secretary, Kacham stated that, when the committee contacted district surveillance officer (DSO) Dr. Hedungkiebe, he was positive “to contend the situation in the district so long there is public cooperation following SOP guidelines”. He also cited shortage of vehicles for emergency duty, manpower and TrueNat testing kid/cartridge exhausted, as urgent requirements.

The committee also stated that as people were bound to go a long way with the pandemic, the government was expected to come up with recovery remedies and extend equal importance for the state, taking people onboard to safety.

Meanwhile, it maintained that the situation was improving because of efforts of leader of opposition (LoP) TR Zeliang, legislator in-charge of district, DTF, health workers, frontline workers, NGOs, JAC, churches, village councils etc.

Further, the committee expressed gratitude to TR Zeliang for providing medical kits and equipment, livestock for quarantine centres, campaign for fair practice in PDS to substantiate public necessity and initiating improvement of internet mobile facility.

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