NBCC vs business establishments opening on Sundays in Nagaland

Dimapur, 4th Dec: Nagaland Baptist Church Council, NBCC in a press release by its General Secretary Reverend Dr Zelhou Keyho urged the government of Nagaland and the district administrations to respect the sentiments of the church to keep Sundays as a day of worship and not as a day of business.

Stating that Christmas is not about shopping and entertainment, it is against Christian principle to encourage people to do business on the day of worship. Emphasizing on strictly following Covid-19 guidelines, NBCC said becoming relaxed in dealing with the situation in the name of Christmas goes against the true spirit of Christmas. Further, NBCC impressed upon the government to be strict in implementing the SOPs till the fight against the pandemic is won.

NBCC said while mourning with the families who have lost their loved ones to the sickness, one must exhibit responsible behavior, mindful of oneself and the community. Meanwhile, NBCC also wished a blessed Christmas to all.

Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, DCCI asked business establishment to open on Sunday

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