Naga Hospital received Quattro TrueLab Machine from BEL

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) donates Quattro Truelab Machine to Naga Hospital Authority Kohima (NHAK) today

Kohima, 22 Dec (ANK): Through the initiative of the Kohima Smart City, Bharat Electronics Limited, under their Corporate Social Responsibility has donated a Quattro Truelab Machine to Naga Hospital Authority Kohima today.

The machine was personally delivered by an official of BEL and handed over to NHAK Managing Director Dr. Thorhusie Katiry in the presence of Joint CEO Kohima Smart City, Avelu Ruho.

Managing Director NHAK Thorhusie Katiry expressed gratitude to Bharat Electronics Limited and Kohima Smart City for the donation and said that it will go a long way in equipping the Hospital in the fight against COVID.

It may be mentioned that the Kohima Smart City has rendered assistance to the hospital and the citizens of Kohima in the fight against COVID -19 by donating two Smart Ambulances and installation of free dedicated Wifi for the hospital.

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