Centre issues fresh advisory to states on women safety

New Delhi, Oct 10 (PTI): The Centre has issued a fresh advisory to states on safety of women and how to deal with crimes against them and said any failure of police to adhere to laid down rules does not augur well for the delivery of justice. In the advisory, Home Ministry said there should be compulsory registration of an FIR in case of a cognizable offence under the CrPC.

It said, the law also enables the police to register an FIR or a Zero FIR, in case the crime is committed outside the jurisdiction of the police station, in the event of receipt of information on commission of a cognizable offence, which includes cases of sexual assault on women.

The Ministry said, however, even with stringent provisions in law and several capacity building measures undertaken, any failure of police to adhere to these mandatory requirements may not augur well for the delivery of criminal justice in the country, especially in the context of women’s safety. The advisory said such lapses, if noticed, need to be investigated into and stringent action taken immediately against the concerned officers responsible for it.

The beauty of North East India

WhatsApp picture/ post

A beautiful Mizo girl re-adjusting her puan (traditional sarong).. This picture made me think a long thought, thought about the mentality of the mainland Indian Men. As is visible, the Mizo man in the pic is not even aware of the girl tying her puan right in front of him, Mizo women do that all the time anywhere.

It’s as plain and simple an act as adjusting your Shirt Collar.. But had it been done elsewhere in India, men would look at her lustfully and some would even look for a chance to molest her.. Men in India need to re-adjust their mind.

This is the beauty of North East India.
Jai Hind 🇮🇳

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