Statement from Nagaland Zeliang Students’ Welfare Delhi

Dear Friends,

Our sister Nchineileu Disuang D/o Heidui Disuang from Beisumpuikam village, Peren, Nagaland passed away at the young age of 23 years old on her journey from Gurugram-Dimapur on the 22nd of May, 2020.

Although the reason for her death is unknown as of this moment, it has been confirmed by the president of Beisumpuikam Students’ Union that she underwent testing for Liver problem in “Modern Diagnostic & research centre”, Gurugram. As of the time of her journey, the deceased was under medication. According to reports by her travel companions, it has been conveyed that she got sun stroke due to prolonged exposure to rising hot temperatures whilst waiting for the train. There has been no clarification or record of the patient being diagnosed with Covid-19, and until there has been an official statement that has been given by certified Medical/Government authorities, we would request the public to be sensitive to this matter so as to not create panic. The deceased was the sole breadwinner of her family and being the eldest child, she did not want to trouble her parents regarding her deteriorating health. All she wanted was, to go home and be with her family in these difficult times because she could not sustain herself. As there has been been immense speculation about the passing of our dear sister, NZSWD has gathered viable information in regards to the case after verifying from the Beisumpuikam union and her travel companions.

We convey our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and friends. We request the public again not to make vile remarks about the patient’s need to travel despite medical complications. The present times are incredibly difficult for all, and we advise all to extend the generous hand of understanding for everyone near and far.
May her dearly departed soul rest in peace.

Thank you.

Just a clarification about an incident which happen few hours ago as there has been a lot of rumors n hate comments in social media regarding the dead.

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