ADC Manipur : Casting vote for the right candidate

By inserting the word “Autonomous” -without providing true autonomy to the Hills people in the real sense of the term, ADC Manipur (Hill Areas) election is coming again. Most section of the people may now be puzzled as “For whom should he/she vote?”.

As per Manipur District (hill areas) Council Act-1971, judicial powers has been granted to all the members of Autonomous District Council (ADC) to function at their own home ground level, but by the present scenario of Manipur Political System every Political Scholars can easily conclude that ADC Election was simply a play of one-man just to strengthen his political power or party, as all ADC members stationed only in the capital of the state -their offices in their own respective jurisdiction or district HQ were invisible. Like PM Modi has mocked to the MGNREGS as a “monument to Congress failures” -one can mocked ADC as a “shield of Elected MLAs/MPs not to get cold.”

Nevertheless, as the election commission will soon be announcing again to conduct ADC election, citizen needs only to cast their votes. Therefore, we (all the concern citizen) needs to gear up for the modernization of democracy in us. It is time to choose a right leader, a time to choose a competent leader who can rise his voice to work in his own home-ground level, and a time to remove dirty politics in us.

In India, people loves to say “I hate politics.” Such a citizen says so because he/she has seen the contemporary party politics in India as the ugliest thing that can occur to a man. But we must keep in mind the reality that this citizen’s hatred for politics does not land him anywhere; rather his hatred towards politics and keeping safe distance from it pave the way for those ambitious corrupt people to emerge as our leaders.

So far we have got enough proof that most of the politicians are utterly shameless and they can go to any extent to grab power. So, if one is well-educate it is one’s duty to make the surrounding healthy. The surrounding will be healthy only when there is a healthy political environment, and a healthy political system can come only when the well-educate people participate in it actively and fearlessly. Keeping a safe distance from politics because of considering it the ugliest thing is utterly ridiculous. Though we are at our liberty to hate politics, we cannot escape from it. Every moment we are under the influence of politics. So it is our sacred duty to make our political environment healthy.

To make our political environment healthy, at least one thing that every concern citizen can easily do: he/she can cast his/her vote in favour of the competent and committed person irrespective of party and relationship consideration, don’t simply vote for a candidate because he have a same surname as you -like, chawang, newmai, pamai, etc. or because he give you money, or visit you during his election campaign. Casting vote for the right candidate is our religious, ethical and moral responsibility.

In our Liangmai area there is no dearth (or shortage) of people who really want to work with a vision for the upliftment of the society. The election gives us the opportunity to identify them correctly. We can always hope for a change as everything is subject to change. If we really want change we must utilize this opportunity, a change can never come if we do not try for it practically. A person who wastes his/her vote-right has no right to be claimed as a concerned citizen. In fact he/she is a clumsy for a dynamic society. Let us storm-up our mind and cast our precious votes in favour of the competent and committed candidates for a modern Liangmai land/area.

@~Lungcy Newmai.

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