An appeal by SP Kadilinbo

Awangbow Newmai and Z Kikhonbou Newmai

Congratulations and appreciate your hardworking and tireless public services for over three decades starting from students Organizations, you deserve it.

But as a concern citizens, I would like to request you to kindly take trouble to concentrate more on road connectivity especially in our remote Liangmai areas before the next general election. We Liangmais are lucky to have a senior politician like you who is inducted as Minister, moreover we are also lucky to have our Ex. MLA and present State BJP Vice president Shri. Kikhonbo Newmai. I have no doubt to disclose that this the Golden era for Nkou (Takou village) and Liangmais especially in Manipur. We may not get such opportunity in the near future, this is the right time for both of you to show your true leadership and the love of Liangmai with actions. We don’t want anything from both of you, we want four seasons motorable road in our Liangmai areas. We don’t want money, CGI Sheets, PDS items etc and sweet words, we want road, allow us to visit our respective native villages anytime.

Don’t let our area people carry sick people and death bodies on their shoulders anymore. These are my humble request and prayer to both of you. Almost three decades in the chair of MLA and Minister from Nkou village is not the matter of jokes but not much changes in Liangmai areas is the bitter truth. Elected members has many responsibilities and challenges, be it Naga issues, delimitation and what not, but our priority is proper road connectivity, the rest will follows one after another.

Thank you.

SP. Kadilinbo, Zalukie Town, Nagaland 
Param: Nallong Village

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