Should we come to Shillong for education

It is possible that some of our people may contact us to ask for our opinions whether they should come to Shillong for education or if they should do online admissions. In my considered opinion, we should not encourage our people to come or get online admissions. Some of the reasons are:

  1. The good colleges are likely to reserve maximum seats for the local candidates. St. Anthony’s College is making it 95:5 which means only five seats out of hundred seats will be given to outsiders.
  2. House owners may like to give you house on rent if available, but the local headmen may say that we are not going to allow any outsiders or anyone from other localities in Shillong.
  3. Shillong may boast of its past glory in education, but if you really see the teacher’s profile today, even the so called good colleges have too many teachers who just have the mere minimum qualifications of especially in social sciences and very little exposure outside the state. Localism or ethnocentrism has led to poor quality of education.
  4. In today’s time, we should not judge an educational institute by its past glory, name or fame, what our students need to do in case they want to join any institution is to first check the profile of the teachers in the department that they want to join. Education is so much about who is Manning the faculty chair or position. Sadly Meghalaya has reduced the temples of learning to mere employment avenues for the loocaaals!. I hope this sharing of opinion is taken in its right perspective.

Posting what he shared with the elders in Shillong

Dr. Tasongwi Newmei

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