Tamenglong achieves 47.52 percentage Aadhaar linked with voter cards

Tamenglong district on Thursday achieved 47.52 per cent seeding of Aadhaar with the voter cards, after the Tamenglong district election office had launched the process to remove bogus and double registration in the electoral roll.

Tamenglong district has three assembly constituencies, including 54-Nungba assembly constituency which is under Noney district.

In Tamei assembly constituency, 14,930 of 41,915 voters have linked their voter cards with their Aadhaar and reached 35.62 per cent seeding.

In Tamenglong assembly constituency, as many as 18,274 voters of 35,855 voters have their Aadhaar linked up and reached 50.97 per cent seeding.

While in Nungba assembly constituency, as many as 17,694 voters of 29,335 voters have linked up with the Aadhaar and reached 60.32 per cent seeding.

Although the district has achieved 47.52 percent Aadhaar seeding with the electoral roll, there are no bogus registration or double registrations found in the electoral roll detected from Tamenglong district in three assembly constituencies.

These were revealed by the district election office Tamenglong during the rationalisation of polling stations as part of pre- activity in connection with a special summary revision of Photo Electoral Roll, 2023.

The meeting organised by district election officer Pawan Yadav was held at the conference hall of DC Tamenglong. However, he reportedly could not attend it as he is out of station to take part in another district council delimitation meeting in Imphal.

The meeting was presided by one senior staff of election office Tamenglong Prasanta who sought opinion to create a new polling station or bifurcation from one polling station.

He said that the ECI and CEO Imphal gave the green light to create at least two polling stations. New polling stations can be created if the population is large, or if voters have to cross big rivers to cast the vote or walk long distances, he said.

He gave September 14 as a last date to give opinion and suggestions to create new polling stations or bifurcation from one polling to another polling station.

Former ADC member Micah Panmei, social worker and intending candidate Akinsin Gangmei, Kabamdai Gangmei, village authority chairmen, secretaries, members from different political parties attended the meeting.

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